Our Story

Tender Care Home Health is a home health care agency dedicated to serving our patients with the utmost in advanced medical care. We work alongside the patient, in partnership with our patient’s doctors, to ensure they achieve their healthcare goals by implementing best practices. We use a unique Enhanced Care Model to implement each patient’s individualized plan of care, allowing them to live fuller, independent lives at home, while managing their own disease, and preventing further hospitalization.

We are Ann and Tom McConnell, founders of Tender Care Home Health. When we started our agency in 2006, we wanted to introduce a home health care option for patients and their families that would provide a better experience – one that would deliver a better quality of life, and result in fewer hospital visits. We wanted to build a team that would use a unique perspective to take a different approach to the way we work with our patients, providing true patient advocacy and a better success rate. Over a decade later, we are proud to be one of the top home health agencies in the states of Texas and New Mexico, and continue to strive toward providing the best experience for our patients.

That’s always been our passion in fact as a nurse for over 37 years Ann worked in our local hospitals in critical specialty areas for 17 years, before finding her true passion in home health care. Ann recognized hospitalized patients that were frequent flyers having to be readmitted as a result of uncontrolled chronic diseases. Ann realized that if she could teach patients how to manage their disease better they wouldn’t end up back in the hospital again and again. We could work together by supporting the patient and improving their self-efficacy and self-management skills a patient’s health can improve and as a result patients can prevent reoccurring visits to the hospital.


As a home health nurse, Ann learned that she could better assess a patient in their own environment where she could identify barriers that were keeping the patient from being successful in managing their condition. She could then coordinate care with a medical team and develop a patient centered plan of care to meet the patient’s specific needs, offering them an individualized experience with their personal goals at the forefront. Unfortunately, not all home health agencies shared Ann's philosophies. In fact, more often than not, they clashed. Ann realized that the only way she could do her job as a true patient advocate was to start her own business. With Tom’s background his love for the sciences and his true business acumen we opened Tender Care Home Health together.

As CFO and Alternate Administrator of Tender Care Home Health, Tom works with Ann to keep an eye on the medical industry’s ever changing fiscal policies, and he shares her passion for caring for others. Working together, we’ve grown Tender Care Home Health into a successful family business. Over the next few emails, we look forward to providing more insight into how our home health agency is different from anything else in the industry, highlighting our talented team, our unique practices, and the fact that we work in partnerships with doctors and other medical professionals to provide the utmost care for our patients.