Home Therapy

Skilled Rehabilitative Clinicians Nursing, Physical, Speech, and Occupational therapists provide services for people who have difficulty with ambulation, performing daily living activities, and language, speech or perception problems. These valuable services help the patient to recuperate at home.

Rehabilitative Physical Therapy (PT) — Training and exercises to regain movement and strength. Our physical therapists work with patients to help them achieve independent, functional mobility. We work with the patient's physician to develop and carry out an individualized plan of care. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Assessment and evaluation of functional mobility
  • Recommendation and use of assistive devices, prosthetics and orthotics
  • Instruction in gait, transfer techniques, range of motion, and other mobility skills
  • Implement pre & post-surgery protocols
  • Exercises to improve balance and coordination
  • Muscle re-education and muscle spasm relief
  • Prevention of falls and safety promotion
  • Teach and train caregivers

Rehabilitative Occupational Therapy (OT) — Helps people recover from or adapt to disability and/or illness. Our occupational therapists work with the patient's physician to develop and carry out an individual treatment plan for each patient. Services Include:

  • Assessment and evaluation of patients' status
  • Planning and implementation of therapeutic programs
  • Restore physical function
  • Promote strength, coordination and balance
  • Restore sensory/integrative function
  • Improve level of independence in the safe performance of the activities of daily living (ADL)
  • Teach compensation for impairments
  • Design, fabricate and fit orthotic or self-help devices

Rehabilitative Speech Therapy — Exercises to regain movement and strength in speech. Speech therapy can improve overall communication and swallowing abilities. Individual treatment plans are designed to:

  • Reteach speaking, reading or writing
  • Improve auditory comprehension
  • Improve orientation, memory and judgment skills
  • Strengthen oral muscles for speech and swallowing
  • Teach esophageal speech or use of electro-larynx
  • Develop alternative communication systems